Local council plans to revitalise Bondi Junction with 3am trading

Local council plans to revitalise Bondi Junction with 3am trading
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In an effort to breathe new life into Bondi Junction, the local council is challenging outdated planning regulations by proposing to extend trading hours.

Businesses will be allowed to trade until 3am in an attempt to transform the area from a ghost town to a night-life destination, with a focus on Oxford Street Mall.

Sydney’s eastern suburbs are a “world-famous tourist destination”, and the CBD should reflect that, said Mayor of Waverley Council, Paula Masselos, who tabled the motion.

But the proposal has faced some community resistance, with residents concerned about safety, noise and anti-social behaviour.

Liberal Councillor Leon Goltsman said that communities are often resistant to change.

“With any change, there will always be people who are reluctant to it and resist it,” he told City Hub. 

“They’ve got every right to feel concerned,” he added, “but I think it’s a matter of making sure those very people who have concerns are part of the journey.”

Drawing on the successes of Melbourne, Paris and London, the councillor said extended trading hours would “enrich the area and breathe new life into the district.”

Current restrictions aren’t allowing businesses to operate to their potential, and that the area is becoming a ghost town after a certain time, he said.

“There’s little available after a certain time, except Coles and Woolworths, and maybe the bottle shop.”

The proposed changes will need to go through a consultation process with local businesses and residents before they are made final.

Waverley Council has also stated that they’ll consider issues such as venue sound management and anti-social behaviour as well as current liquor licences and outdoor dining permits.

“What we’re doing is increasing the cultural identity of Bondi Junction and allowing more vibrant nighttime economy, which will of course be supporting retail, dining, and entertainment and cultural events within the district.”

Night-time Economy Minister John Graham has similarly welcomed the proposed changes, seeing extended trading hours as a way to revitalise Bondi Junction night-time scene.

Since the NSW government introduced reforms last year that permitted NSW venues offering live music or entertainment to trade later, the minister said local councils now had the chance to replicate the success of Enmore’s entertainment precinct.

“I think Bondi Junction deserves to be given life that’s sustainable and world class, while impressing the community and helping local businesses,” Cr Goltsman told City Hub. 

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