How Hukup Is Making Online Dating Safer

How Hukup Is Making Online Dating Safer

Online dating is brutal, and with countless apps dedicated to helping you find love, it is easy to get caught up in the magic of it all. Australia has its popular and well-known apps – Tinder, Hinge, Grindr, Bumble, and Happn – but they all share one thing in common: they originate from overseas.

Australian-based dating apps are few and far between, with little done in prioritising safety and individuality. With the conversation of women’s safety at the forefront of the Australian dating scene, Hukup has emerged as an Australian-based dating app that puts safety, confidentiality and individuality first.

“I deleted Hinge after 3 weeks, and Tinder even quicker after two weeks,” said Angie, a City Hub reader.  “I blamed it on the fact that it was too toxic and superficial, when in actuality, it was because of a more concerning realisation. I felt unsafe, I couldn’t see the people I was messaging without telling my best friend where I was going and sending them my location or having backup plans in case things went badly on a date.”

Angie’s story is one shared by many, with the fear of uncertainty going on dates and concern for safety as the main reason for deleting dating apps. There is little that has been done to ensure that dating apps not only facilitate memorable and romantic connections between users, but that this is done within a secure environment.

Paying outrageous prices for premium accounts and constantly being on the lookout for bots is the new normal for online dating as users battle the toxic environments unsure if their next match will be ‘fake’. Hukup has tackled all these issues, with their free app focusing on creating connections with your interests and individuality taking precedence over profile pictures. Its unique advanced algorithm is tailored to find individuals within your area who share similar interests with you.

Hukup will take all your selected preferences (sexual or otherwise) and suggest matches based on relationship preference, location, and interests. The more you put into your profile, the more the app generates compatible options for you.

Hukup unapologetically embraces inclusivity and diversity, creating a community online that reflects the real you without any judgement. You are supported in finding your person while fully expressing the real version of you. Queer, gay, lesbian or straight, you can be assured that your personally-customised algorithm will find you people who you like and who share your passions, values, and aspirations.

Arguably, the most important features of Hukup lie in its ‘Going on a Date’ button and privacy measures. When you select that pink button, your messages with your potential date are saved for 30 days, even if that conversation or profile is blocked or deleted you can rest assured that no matter what happens your words become your bond.

Their easily adjustable privacy settings give you the option to share your photos with everyone or exclusively with whomever you are chatting with. It doesn’t stop there, with a verification selfie asking for a specific pose as you set up your account, you can trust there won’t be any bots roaming around.

Peace of mind to create meaningful connections is the basis of Hukup, with its creators on standby to investigate any privacy breaches if you tap their confidential report button. Safety is their number one priority, allowing you to focus solely on your connections.

Hukup’s refreshing approach to finding your next connection has created a new standard for online dating. Their safety measures are prioritised and the inclusivity of all their users has created an atmosphere dedicated to finding meaningful connections.

Find your next match on Hukup, download now for free at:

Alternatively, find it on the Apple Store or the Google Play store.

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