Bondi’s Winter Wonderland
Image: Pony Cam's Burnout Paradise at Bondi Festival. Credit: Cameron Grant


The legendary sands of Bondi Beach might not be the first place you’d expect to find a winter wonderland. However, with the ongoing Bondi Festival, you can find a wave of incredible activities at the world-famous beach that are only available during the winter season.

Classic attractions from previous years such as the beachfront ice-skating rink and Bondi Vista Ferris Wheel return in full force, allowing festival goers to experience a version of Bondi Beach only available during the chilliest time of the year. 

Though these old favourites are sure to gather crowds, this year’s Festival also offers a number of shows, concerts and special activities across 17 jam-packed days; with events suitable for families and other experiences catering to an adult crowd, this year’s festival has something for everybody. 

Tanya Goldberg, who leads the Arts, Culture and Events portfolio at Waverley Council, says that the festival is “a magic time of year when Bondi’s beautiful wintery beachscape is transformed with some of the most dynamic, surprising and inspiring arts experiences on offer.”

Furthermore, Goldberg gave an indication of what audiences can expect from the 2024 Festival: “Always innovating, we have a brand new street party in the heart of Bondi this year, alongside those old favourite attractions and gobsmackingly talented performers across all art forms.”

Take a look below to get a taste of some of the Festival’s most exciting ticketed events! 

Werewolves Bondi Festival
‘Werewolves’ at Bondi Festival. Photo credit: Madison Griffiths

Burnout Paradise

From Thursday 11 July to Saturday 13 July, don’t miss Burnout Paradise, which sold out at Melbourne Fringe and RISING. Simply put, it’s a hilarious escalating series of tasks on treadmills. It’s not to test endurance but to celebrate the collective struggle we all can relate to. You’re guaranteed to laugh more than sweat. 


Starting Thursday, July 11th until Sunday, July 14th, Werewolves is back and better than ever! Werewolves is an interactive mix of a game and show where you work together with the rest of the audience and game master Nicholas Giles Phillips to discover who amongst you are the murderous werewolves. Put on your detective cap or be ready to hide your tracks at this award-winning show. 

Gladdy Drawing Club Bondi Festival
Gladdy Drawing Club at Bondi Festival. Photo credit: Lisa Parakhina

Gladdy Drawing Club

Selling fast, Gladdy Drawing Club is teaming up with Bondi Festival again on Thursday 11 July and Sunday 14 July. These body-positive life drawing classes include themed line-ups featuring guest artists, portraits, and talking heads. Under the guidance of these guest artists, you’re sure to enjoy your time while refining your drawing skills. 

Blood on the Clocktower

 Time will feel like it’s slipping through your fingers when you immerse yourself in Blood on the Clocktower, Sydney’s ultimate social dedication board game on Sunday July 14. This chaotic comedy show has a team of comedians trying to figure out one another’s secret identities, which the audience members know. What follows is a deeply chaotic night of manipulation, as each comic uses their improv abilities to bluff and lie their way to victory. 


Helios boasts an award-winning story from the storytellers Wright & Grainger. From Thursday 11 to 14 July, audiences can enjoy this contemporary retelling of the Ancient Greek tale about the son of the sun god Helios. This modern-day myth winds through rural England and ventures into the everyday living of a towering city in a thoroughly engaging narrative. 

Queer Powerpoint
Queer PowerPoint at Bondi Festival. Photo credit: Laura du Ve

Seaside Sketch Sesh

No matter your drawing abilities, on Sunday 14 July you can fine-tune your seaside sketching skills with award-winning artist Cameron Stead. This is a relaxing art class for families or individuals wanting to discover the fundamentals of beach artistry. 

Ally Morgan 

Local musical comedian Ally Morgan is premiering her new show, Hymns From My 20s, at this year’s festival. Morgan’s combination of storytelling and songwriting gives viewers an amusing retrospective through songs she wrote in her 20s, taking viewers on a journey through her ‘greatest hits’ and her never-before heard songs. Tag along and laugh as you relate to the oft-painful learning of life lessons from Thursday 18 to Sunday 20 July. 

Bondi Festival Gould Street Party

Gould Street will be closed off and made into an all-day street party from 11 am to 4 pm! This street will have live music, performances, activities, street trading, food, drinks and overall fun as well as special offers from local businesses and Gould Street fashion houses nearby to celebrate. 

The Bondi Social

For something different, The Bondi Social also takes place on Saturday 20 July, a night fully dedicated to helping you get your groove on. Inspired by the 1960s and 70s dance halls and tunes, it’s an ode to a bygone era that’s perfect for those who don’t regularly frequent nightclubs but still enjoy a good dance. There’s even a free dance workshop for those who purchase a ticket to get you warmed up and ready to kill it on the dancefloor. 

Until July 21st, these events will be taking place all throughout the iconic streets and sands of Bondi. Tickets can be bought online; for specific information about events and times, visit

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