City Hub’s best songs of 2024 (so far) 

City Hub’s best songs of 2024 (so far) 
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Continuing our look at 2024 in music so far, let’s take a look at some of the best songs to come out so far this year!

15. Billie Eilish – CHIHIRO

Billie Eilish - Hit Me Hard and Soft

The most dynamic and atmospheric track on the album, this track blends the Eilish siblings’ talents wonderfully, with lush production and Billie’s signature whispered vocals.  

14. Mia Rodriguez – Ride

Mia Rodriguez - Ride

This local Sydney artist’s latest song is a short and efficient electro pop song with a country twinge about hopping on and… well I’ll let you listen and figure that out. 

13. Chappell Roan – Good Luck, Babe!

Chappell Roan - Good Luck, Babe!

The next great queer icon is here and in a big way. Chappell’s debut last year, The Rise and Fall of Midwest Princess, was one the pop highlights of the year, and she’s followed it up with this epic, sapphic ballad of lost love. 

12. Kendrick Lamar – meet the grahams

Kendrick Lamar - meet the grahams

Nothing like a good old rap beef to bring out the best in this generational talent. Likely one of the most cutting, incisive and brutal takedowns of all time, Lamar held nothing back here. 

11. Allie X – You Slept On Me

Allie X - Girl With No Face

We certainly did, Allie, we certainly did. This 80s inspired new wave banger is dance-pop at its near best, and the humorous lyrics poking fun at music bloggers such as myself a nice extra touch. 

10. Lip Critic – The Heart

Lip Critic - Hex Dealer

This hardcore/electro crossover is a wonderful example of this emerging New York punk band’s diversity and talent. Think Turnstile meets Death Grips.

9. Mannequin Pussy – I Got Heaven

Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven

The opening track for their album of the same name, this punk and indie mix is as raging as it is almost heartbreaking. Foul-mouthed, spiteful and insanely catchy, its a simple song that punches you right in the gut with its intensity. 

8. Joey Valance & Brae – BUSSIT

Joey Valence & Brae - No Hands

Viral sensations Joey and Brae simply know how to have fun. Their unfussy and smartly produced, electronic-tinged hip-hop is charming and built for heads to bang, with BUSSIT being the finest example of this.  

7. Wishlane – 27 Degrees

wishlane - Nobody's Listening!

Hyper and glitch pop as a musical movement has come a long way from its whacky early days on the internet with acts like 100 gecs, and has begun to evolve into quite a mature genre. Wishlane’s 27 Degrees is a great example of this, mixing the glitchy electronic soundscapes of hyper-pop with souring indie and emo choruses on this emotional number. 

6. Knocked Loose ft. Poppy – Suffocate

Knocked Loose - You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To

For such a short song, this metalcore banger packs a lot in. However, its viral pop sensation turned metal hero Poppy who steals the show, giving one of the most menacing vocal performances of her career yet. 

5. Cindy Lee – Flesh and Blood

Cindy Lee - Diamond Jubilee

It was a task picking the best track out of the 32 on this record, but Flesh and Blood won out. A sunshine pop song fed through a distorted lo-fi filter, there is little else out there that quite emulates the controlled chaos this song exudes. 

4. Charli xcx – Sympathy is a knife

Charli XCX - Brat

Be ready for the sincerity of this song to catch you off guard. A great example of the maturity on display throughout BRAT, this track packs a huge punch both in terms of production and themes, and is one of Charli’s best to date.  

3. Magdalena Bay – Death & Romance

Magdalena Bay - Death & Romance

The lead single off their forthcoming, yet-to-be named sophomore LP, this American pop duo have really out down themselves. Filled with the whimsical glow their music is famed for, Death & Romance is a psychedelic masterpiece of swirling synths, lush vocals and catchy choruses. 

2. Justice – Generator

Justice - Hyperdrama

In what is shaping up to be a good year for dance and electronic music, French veterans Justice lead the charge with their hard-hitting, dancefloor filling and slightly menacing banger Generator. Its a great example of how once idea executed well is all you need for a great dance song. 

1. Fontaines D.C. – Starburster

Fontaines D.C. - Starburster

Now signed to a major label, these Irish post-punkers seem to be cooking up something really special for what will be their fourth album. Starburster might be the best they’ve produced so far. A heavy, dance-influenced punk rager, its held together by frontman Grian Chattens biting lyrics and iconic vocal delivery. 

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