Avalanche Reviving Aussie Rock

Avalanche Reviving Aussie Rock

In the years gone by you used to be able to walk into any pub around Australia and be welcomed by the sound a local band loudly bashing out good fun, rock’n’roll. This sound would become known as Aussie rock, before then being taken to the global stage via bands such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Wolfmother. Sadly these days with the demise of live bands performing in pubs in favour of DJs, or even worse the dreaded Spotify playlist, that Aussie rock sound has receded into somewhat obscurity. However, Western Sydney band Avalanche are leading charge to bring Aussie rock’n’roll back to the mainstream.

Speaking with the Inner West Independent recently Avalanche’s Steven Campbell spoke about how they are helping to rejuvenate Aussie rock, and in doing so are bringing together two generations of rock’n’roll fans.

“A lot of rock’n’roll has fallen out of the mainstream,” said Campbell. “Now you tend to see people just listening to it in their cars or enjoying it in their own time.”

Despite Aussie rock seemingly becoming a bit of a guilty pleasure Campbell believes their is still a place for it in pubs and live music venues around the country. Campbell says this because he has personally witnessed at Avalanche shows how the music can bring together multiple generations of music fans.

“We are still pretty young, with us all aged between 19 and 23, so we have that younger crowd coming just for us but we also tend to have a lot of older people coming because of their love for that Aussie rock style of music. When we played the Aussie Made tour there were people there who have been listening to this style of music for decades, so to have them come up and say we play the style of music that they grew up on and loved was awesome.”

With their latest release, Second Hand Band, Campbell says Avalanche have found their groove and are now playing the “best shows” they’ve ever done. “It’s been about 3 years of hard work and it’s all finally culminating in these live shows.”

As restrictions ease Avalanche will be returning to the stage in Newtown and Enmore. At these shows Campbell says fans should expect a “really fun, feel good, pub-style rock’n’roll show.”

“We always put our utmost into everything that we do. Whether that is Veronica running in and out of the crowd doing solos or me running up and down the stage while sweating on everyone. It’s the biggest party style rock’n’roll that you will find from a local rock’n’roll band.”

Aug 6. Kelly’s On King, 285 King St, Newtown. $15+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.sevenrooms.com

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