“Archaic” concert restrictions at Allianz Stadium lifted by NSW Government

“Archaic” concert restrictions at Allianz Stadium lifted by NSW Government
Image: NSW Premier Chris Minns at a press conference at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Flavio Brancaleone, AAP Image



The NSW Government has lifted the controversial restriction on concerts at Allianz Stadium to allow 20 concerts per year, saying it will contribute $120 million to the state’s economy annually.

The cap had previously limited the number of concerts in the Moore Park precinct to four per year, following noise complaints after a Rolling Stones concert 20 years ago.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said the change, which was flagged early last year, was a win for the economy and live music.

“For too long NSW has missed out on world-class acts because of an archaic restriction that killed fun in our city and hurt the economy,” he said.

Minister for Music and the Night-time Economy, Minister for Jobs and Tourism John Graham said, “After successive governments have tied up our visitor and night-time economy in onerous red tape, we are taking off the shackles, and making the most of our incredible venues.”

Of the 20 major events per year, 2 will be permitted to operate as 10-hour festivals, such as Wave Aid, between the hours of 10am and 11pm.

An 11pm curfew will remain in place, except for the Mardi Gras after-party, if organisers decide to move to the Allianz Stadium.

During the community consultation process, most locals were opposed to lifting the cap, but Minns said there were “tens of thousands” locals who weren’t concerned enough to contribute to the proposal feedback.

“I appreciate that there is going to be opposition to the government’s plans [but] we can’t let a really vocal minority set the agenda for a city that has over 5 million people that live in it,” he said.

Regarding concerns about increased traffic, Minns said it was “a little bit cute” to think that the “middle of downtown Sydney” could be free of traffic.

However, a cycleway on Moore Park Road as an alternative to one on Oxford Street East, as previously covered by City Hub, has received great community support, and could ease the traffic of an area that already gets gridlocked.

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