$60 weekly toll cap starts today

$60 weekly toll cap starts today
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A much-awaited election promise by the Minns government has come into effect today, with hundreds of thousands of motorists set to get relief from the $60 weekly toll cap.

People in Western Sydney are expected to benefit the most, with Service NSW saying residents in Sydney’s north-west and west are forecasted to have the most motorists claiming the rebate.

“The tolls effectively represent a secret tax for hundreds of thousands of people that live west of Parramatta,” then opposition-leader and now NSW Premier Chris Minns said during his election campaign.

The scheme assesses spend on a weekly basis. Quarterly rebates will be transferred to an account holder’s nominated bank account and toll relief will begin accruing from today.

This includes any private trips taken on a NSW toll road, excluding those on the M5 South-West for customers registered for the M5 South-West Cashback Scheme at the same time.

Drivers who spend on average $200 per week from their individual tag or licence plate on tolls can expect to receive approximately $7280 in rebates per year.

A “fair use” provision will ensure the integrity of the scheme, with motorists able to claim up to $400 in tolls – or a maximum rebate of $340 a week. Anything above this limit will not be refunded.

Rideshare, taxis, cars registered with businesses and heavy vehicles are not eligible for the rebate.

Relief for the rising cost of living 

The cap was introduced in a bid to provide relief for the rising cost of living.

The NSW Premier said, “Capping tolls to $60 a week is a key part of our commitment to ease the financial burden being faced by many families.”

“This toll cap will provide toll relief where it is needed most, to families who are doing it tough, particularly across Western Sydney.”

To be eligible, Service NSW said you need to:

  • Be a NSW resident
  • Hold a personal toll account with a NSW toll service provider, taking private trips
  • Spend more than $60 a week from an individual tag or licence plate on tolls on eligible trips


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